Friends of Marsh Ladies Choir

The Marsh Ladies Choir would like to welcome your support as a ‘friend’ and for 15 per year we would send you an annual newsletter, acknowledge your support in appropriate programmes and give you priority booking for concerts.

To become a ‘friend’ of the Marsh Ladies Choir, please print and complete either the Word or PDF form and return it to us with a 15 cheque enclosed.


The Marsh Ladies Choir would like to thank the following ‘friends’ for their continued support:

  • Mrs J Ashfield
  • Mrs C Berry
  • Ms J Cobb
  • Mrs V Galvin
  • Mrs M Gee
  • Mrs W Harrison
  • Mrs E Hinchcliffe
  • Mrs H Holland
  • Mrs S Hopkinson
  • Mr & Mrs D Hoyle
  • Mrs S Johnson
  • Miss E Kitson
  • Mrs J Lumby
  • Mrs J Meredith
  • Mrs J Mitchell
  • Mrs B Mitton
  • Mrs B Parker
  • Mrs D Petty
  • Miss J Shaw
  • Mrs J Stubbs
  • Mr M Sykes
  • Mrs M Taylor
  • Mrs P Turner
  • Mr & Mrs TH Watkins
  • Mrs M Wear
  • Mrs J M Wilkinson
  • Mrs K Wilson
  • Mrs J Wilson
  • Mr & Mrs L Wood
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